About Us

About Us

The Region Free Gamers are a collective of good friends hailing from the retro gaming Instagram community. The idea behind the podcast was to create an internationally-minded show that focused on the shared retro and modern gaming experiences of individuals all around the world.

The main rotation of hosts are:

Anthony, the most recent addition to the crew, he resides in the Bronx and is a true Nuyorican inside and out. He has a background in stand-up comedy and a New York Yankees fan. He has also enjoyed a life long passion for games, particularly of the Sega variety, even being an early adopter of the 32X. You can find him on his Instagram page @polybits_.

Arnaldo, a native of Puerto Rico currently living in the New England area of the United States. Often you can hear him waxing poetic about portable systems like the Nintendo DS and he has yet to encounter a puzzle game he has not liked. He is a New England Patriots fan but we try not to hold that against him. You can find him manning the Instagram page for the podcast @regionfreegamerspodcast.

Geoff hails from the United Kingdom, but is now based in the Netherlands. Geoff is our resident Brit and has a particular soft spot for the Ninja Turtles (or Hero Turtles, if you like to be wrong), beautiful Japan-only box art and manning trains in Densha de Go. He joined the group in August 2019 after being featured as a guest in a number of episodes. You can find him on his Instagram page @gspotgaming.

Ozzy, a native of Cuba currently living in the borough of Brooklyn in New York City. He is the resident crank of the bunch, often launching into expletive-laden tirades about whatever is grinding his gears at the moment. Despite that, he is deeply obsessed with preserving gaming history and he aims to bring a research oriented approach to the podcast. You can find him, on occasions, on his Instragam page @shadow.of.the.collector.

Paul, a native of Toronto currently living in Canada’s Yukon territory. He is our resident old guy of the bunch, many times having lived through the releases of the games we are talking about. If he is not podcasting, he is usually playing Etrian Odyssey to unhealthy degrees. He may or may not have connections with the Yukon moose mafia (we prefer not to ask). You can find him telling yarns on his Instagram page @paus_gameroom.

Part of the fun of the podcast is bringing guests on the show who can speak about their experiences with gaming. These are folks from all walks of life, all ages, all genders and all locations. These are not expert gamers or journalists, but like us, individuals who are passionate about this wonderful hobby.

Drop us an e-mail if you want to contact us: regionfreegamers@gmail.com

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