Announcing The King of Games 98!

Announcing The King of Games 98!

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We are very excited to announce our upcoming series, The King of Games 98, in which we pit the many significant games that were released in 1998 in a one-off elimination style tournament. 16 games will enter the ring, but only one will come out as the champion.

We always wanted to talk about the best years in gaming and 1998 was at the top of the list. 1998 was such a landmark year for gaming that we knew there simply was no way to give all of these games their due without recording an unwieldy episode.

The first batch of selections.

We therefore decided to commit to a tournament series because it was a good way to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each game while giving our personal opinions, each of us fighting for our selection to the best of our abilities.

Here are the rules:

  1. Every other Thursday in which we do not release a regular episode, we will be releasing an episode in which we match up one game that came out in 1998 against another.
  2. The games we selected are all highly esteemed games, although there was not a particular methodology to selecting the games, and in fact, there were heated disagreements about whether some games should be included at all. We managed to barely survive just to bring you the episodes.
  3. In selecting the games, we used the North American release date. Yes, we know, we are region free, but in this particular case we had to stick with a region and go with it. Considering how erratic the PAL territories can be, the North American release date was the best bet.
  4. The seeding was randomized so that each game was on equal footing. Some of the randomized selections were more lopsided than others, but that is generally how it goes in these tournaments.
  5. Each episode has 3 hosts so as to avoid a tie situation.
And the second batch!

Here are the (highly subjective) metrics on which we judged the games:

  1. Public Reception: How did each of these games do critically and commercially?
  2. Personal Attachment: What is our experience with or personal attachment to these games?
  3. Legacy: Was this game genre defining or did it leave a mark in the video game world?
  4. Lasting Appeal: Which of these games would we rather play today?

As we mentioned, these discussions are highly subjective and even the metrics that we just mentioned were quite fluid as we realized that some of the criteria we were using was redundant. Therefore, do not take any of this seriously.

And the bracket for the round of 16.

Nevertheless, if you think you can figure us out, then you can make your predictions on who you believe will be the winner through the poll below. Whoever gets closest to predicting the final bracket will receive some yet to be announced goods from us.

We will be starting the tournament tomorrow, December 5, with Xenogears going against Gran Turismo, as we are joined by Kelly a/k/a @sierranightgaming on Instagram.

Let the tournament begin!

Please select who you believe will win in each match-up:

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