New Episode: Episode 1 – The Remake!

New Episode: Episode 1 – The Remake!

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On this episode, all five of the Region Free Gamers are on deck for an episode where, at first you may not believe it, but we do actually end up talking about video games!

One thing we have learned since we started the podcast, is that roguelikes are like catnip to Paul.

First though, we’re getting to know our new crew members as we talk about working in stand-up comedy, cheering for football teams that constantly break our hearts, The End Of Evangelion, and our very own Puerto Rican Tom Selleck (6:00).

To prove the point, Paul manages to insert two roguelikes into this episode, this one being Azure Dreams for the PS1.

We do get back to video games though, with Slay The Spire and a discussion about video games we had to stop playing before we started hating them (46:00).

Golden Sun makes an appearance on this episode and proves divisive.

We move on to our favorite video games of ALL TIME (48:30) with a special message for fans of Ocarina Of Time, and finally, our biggest video game disappointments starting with every 8-bit arcade port ever (1:24:00)

This is your typical hero in Massive Chalice…who will eventually die of old age if he does not die on the battlefield, thereby breaking your heart.

Etrian Odyssey V – Source of the Morning Glow’s Smiling Face
Blast Corps – Simian Acres
Massive Chalice – In The Thick Of It

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