New Episode: Silent Hill 2 – Why the Best Will Never be Duplicated

New Episode: Silent Hill 2 – Why the Best Will Never be Duplicated

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Join Ozzy, Anthony, Paul, and special guest Dennis Strillinger (@strillivanilli on Instagram) as we discuss not only what is one of the greatest horror video games ever made, but also one that is often considered the best video game ever made, period – Silent Hill 2.

Is it Maria? Or Mary?

The guys set the table talking about the original Silent Hill and how it relates to the sequel (6:30) before moving on to the development and subtle symbolism behind Silent Hill 2 (26:30).

That dress…it looks familiar.

The characters are discussed next (58:30), followed by the enemies including Pyramid Head and his bizarre orgy scene (1:18:00) and the deliberate lack of difficulty in the game (1:23:45).

James’ first boss battle with Pyramid Head is either terrifying or anti-climactic.

The episode is wrapped up talking about one of the great video game soundtracks (1:31:45), followed by the various endings in the game and and the game’s overall legacy (1:41:15).

Akira Yamaoka, the composer behind the phenomenal soundtrack to Silent Hill 2.

Music heard on the episode:
Silent Hill 2 – Theme Of Laura
Silent Hill 2 – Promise (Reprise)
Silent Hill 2 – Laura Plays The Piano

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