New Episode: Interviewing Cult Game Developers: A Q&A with Patrick Hickey Jr.

New Episode: Interviewing Cult Game Developers: A Q&A with Patrick Hickey Jr.

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This is a very different episode from our usual format. For the most part, we tend to focus on a particular game or series and explore it to the best extent possible through research and a recollection of our experiences. That format allows us all to provide insight into a topic we love.

This episode tries something new by interviewing Patrick Hickey Jr., a writer and lifelong gamer that has taken it upon himself to dig into the corners of history in order to provide readers with the stories behind some of the cult and classic video games that we grew up loving. Beside teaching on a full-time basis, Patrick has found the time to also diligently establish connections with many developers as part of his Studies in Gaming series, of which The Minds Behind the Games is the first entry. That book explores games such as Bully, Gabriel Knight, Max Payne, Yars Revenge, Maniac Mansion, Mutant League Hockey, NHL 94 and even E.T. the Extraterrestrial, along with numerous others.

Yars Revenge, designed by Howard Scott Warshaw, who is profiled in The Minds Behind the Games

The episode came about, naturally, through Instagram, where Patrick is a relentless and prolific poster, constantly ensuring that more people get to know about the type of work that he is doing. Although we wanted to make something happen, the opportunity really materialized after learning that Patrick is a native of Brooklyn, New York, which just so happens to be where Ozzy resides. Once that coincidence was coupled with a trip by Arnie to New York, we knew that it presented a great opportunity, as we could all (besides Paul) record in the same room and feed off our respective energies.

Patrick Hickey Jr.

And as you will tell from the episode, Patrick is an energetic guy. He is passionate about what he does for a living, and that passion comes through. It therefore made for an episode that felt like we, as the hosts, were just hanging in the living room letting Patrick be the raconteur that he naturally is.

Patrick is very open with his anecdotes of interviewing game developers, and the triumphs and difficulties of doing so. It takes a lot of legwork to find some of these hidden figures and it is commendable that a book like The Minds Behind the Games exists. It is an easily accessible book that can be read in short spurts, with each game being broken out into 5 to 6 page chapters that can be read over a bus ride or any other period of down time. This makes it easy to open the book to a chapter on a game you like and come away with greater appreciation for the work that went into it.

One of the many games that you do not typically see profiled.

Next week we will be back with one of our regular episodes, as we plan to drop a What Have You Been Playing episode with a surprise guest (or is he?). As always, make sure to let us know what you think of how we are doing. If you like what we are doing, then please make sure to subscribe to us on iTunes or any other podcast platform of choice. Most importantly, leave us a review on iTunes as that is not only a great way to get us into more ears, but it also really makes us feel good.

Once more, we would like to thank Patrick Hickey Jr. for joining us on the podcast. If you are interested in his book and want to know what else he is working on, make sure to check his website at:

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