The Sega Dreamcast’s 20th Birthday!

The Sega Dreamcast’s 20th Birthday!

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Typing up the title of this episode makes us feel old, but talking Sega Dreamcast instantly makes us feel twenty years younger!

Elegant, sleek design. The console of course. The controller is awful.

The guys start off talking about the Sega Saturn’s demise leading up to the Dreamcast launch, and Paul’s perhaps unhealthy obsession with former Sega president Bernie Stolar (4:00).

Paul Ramalho rages at this picture of Stolar every night before he goes to bed.

Our first experiences with the Dreamcast are up next as well as a chat about the corporate politics at Sega at the time (8:20).

Sega’s development studios during the Dreamcast era.

We discuss the memorable launch (31:00) and then the era of unparalleled creativity in the system’s video games! (45:00)

Sega was very aware that it was struggling, and it was not beyond making fun of itself in the process.

But every good thing must come to an end, as we discuss the reasons for the Dreamcast’s failure and the legacy the system left behind. (1:36:00)

But before we leave, here is one of Sega’s most bizarre and awesome marketing campaign in Japan, starring Sega’s former Senior Managing Director Hidekazu “Mr. Sega” Yukawa:

Music on this episode:

Junichi Nakatsuru – The New Legend – Kilik’s Theme (SoulCalibur)
Tomoya Ohtani – Escape from the City (Sonic Adventure)
Hideki Naganuma – Sweet Soul Brother (Jet Set Radio)
Hideki Naganuma – Everybody Jump Around (Jet Set Radio)

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