New Episode: Which 16-bit Castlevania is our Favourite?

New Episode: Which 16-bit Castlevania is our Favourite?

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Ozzy and Paul are joined today by previous guest Cam and new permanent addition to the RFG crew, Geoff Ivatts, to talk about the three 16-bit Castlevania games (and Dracula X for SNES, I guess…).

The Vampire Killer does not care for your puny Newtonian physics…

First we start off re-introducing Geoff to everyone and congratulating him on his poor choice of podcast to join before moving on to Castlevania IV for the SNES (7:30) and in particular its stellar soundtrack (25:00).

The first ever Belmont fist bump in Castlevania history.

Rondo of Blood for the PC Engine is next (46:00) with a quick rundown of its uglier brother, Dracula X for the SNES (1:17:30).

Dracula is bringing down the tower…of Pisa.

The show finishes with Castlevania Bloodlines for the Genesis (1:23:30) and our picks for the top 16-bit Castlevania game (1:48:30).


Castlevania IV – The Submerged City

Castlevania IV – Bloody Tears

Castlevania IV – The Chandeliers

Castlevania IV – The Cave

Castlevania IV – Dance Of The Holy Man

Castlevania IV – Dracula Battle

Rondo of Blood – Bloodlines

Rondo Of Blood – Vampire Killer

Castlevania: Bloodlines – Theme of Simon

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