We’re Live!

We’re Live!

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Hey everyone, the Region Free Gamers are live on Patreon!

I gave a fairly long-winded explanation about why we’ve decided to start this Patreon account on our Punch Out!! episode, but I’ll summarize those thoughts here.

First of all, we’re extremely thankful to our listeners for supporting us the last two and a half years and our base podcast will remain unchanged. As always, we’re just happy to chat with each other about video games and feel pretty humbled that people are interested in hearing us.

We’ve also paid out of pocket for virtually everything related to this show, whether it’s server space, distribution, contest prizes, swag – you name it, we paid for it. And you know what? We’re not complaining!

This is a hobby for us – one we’re passionate about, and we hope that comes through on the show. We’re happy to foot the bill for all of this ourselves. But we’ve had several people approach us wanting to contribute, which, by the way, blows our minds. And if folks want to chip in, then that just means we’ll reinvest all of that back into the show and make an even better product.

In that spirit, we’ll have three tiers.

$1/month is basically the virtual tip jar. You’ll get access to our patron Discord channel and a blast processed amount of gratitude from us.

$3/month gets you that, plus notification of when we record so you can interact with us live as we record episodes on Twitch. Come see just how much nonsense is erased by the magic of editing!

$5/month gets you all of the above, plus the ability to vote on episodes on a regular basis. We will also take requests if there is a specific topic you want us to cover, though please don’t be disappointed if the episode on Barbie And The Magic Pegasus for the Gameboy Advance you requested isn’t quite up to our usual level of quality. We’re podcasters, not miracle workers.

And that’s all folks! If you want to chip in and contribute, awesome! And if you don’t and still listen to the show regularly, that’s awesome too! We’re just happy to keep doing the show.

PS – Obviously I looked up Barbie And The Magic Pegasus and… it looks not terrible! Sorry if implied anything negative there, Barbie.


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