The Region Free Gamers Pick their Quarantine Games!

The Region Free Gamers Pick their Quarantine Games!

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To say that 2020 has not started off as expected is a bit of an understatement. Upon publishing this post, most of us are going through various degrees of home confinement due to the ongoing spread of COVID-19 (or coronavirus if you prefer). Even if some of you are not subject to explicit stay-at-home instructions (as Anthony and Ozzy are since they live in the city that never misses an opportunity to be part of a global crisis), every single one of us has undoubtedly been affected by this pandemic, be it because our local spots have been closed, or because events we were looking forward to have been cancelled.

Regardless, most of us are lucky. We have internet, electricity, functioning sewage systems, and more importantly, videogames to keep us busy. That is more than 80% of the world can say. With all this time on our hands, we thought it would be a good idea to chime in with the hosts and see what games they will be playing through this “quarantine” period.

Judgment (or any of the Yakuza games)

Yakuza: The Boy Band Years

The perfect games for when you wanna go outside without actually being outside. Wanna go bowling? You can! Go to the Arcade? Yup! Play baseball? You can do that too! You can do so much from the comfort of your own home!

Dead Rising series

Frank West thought he could escape Black Friday shoppers if he turned the lights out.

In the event that the Corona Virus ends up creating mindless zombies out of its victims, there’s no better training tool for dealing with the hordes than the Dead Rising games! Plus it’ll keep your Instagram game on point!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Geralt wonders if this pose makes him look like Henry Cavill.

In terms of pure entertainment value, it’s hard to argue against the third installment in The Witcher series. With so many deep side quests to undertake and an enormous world to discover, this game will see you through a couple of months before you even dig deep into the main quest! Plus it never hurts to play a few rounds of Gwent!

MLB The Show 20

Coming next year: Real Time Sign Stealing (motion capped by the Houston Astros)

After quite a few years on hiatus, I’ve been able to catch up on my sports games. I’m not sure if it’s because there’s no actually sports to watch on TV at the moment or simply having the free time but, MLB The Show ’20 and NBA 2K20 have been on high rotation in my home. With two teenagers looming over me each day for dibs on the consoles, I’ve  had enough time to get my games in and allow the boys to casually wake up at 4:00 pm for the evening shift.

NHL 94

Anthony really needs to clean his Mega SG…

The rest of the night shifts my attention to the bedroom where all my retro consoles reside.  With some claim sale grabs, I’ve actually stuck to my sports with some nostalgic appreciation. NHL ’94 … what more can I say? It still remains an absolute joy to play.

Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball

Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball on the SNES was always a game I wanted to try and I’m finally playing it for the first time. I swear, the learning curve is greater than The Show.

Press Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start to flip your hat backwards.

Yakuza Zero/Kiwami (actually insert any game from series)

An obvious choice for this list, and from this group, but you know what? I’m putting it on the list regardless.

Punch Punks, Get Money

There’s a plethora of open world games available to play, but I’m putting this above all the others for one simple reason: it’s the closest I know you can get to taking a holiday to real world Japan. In times of self=confinement and “isolation,” I find myself yearning for travel and see the outside world, and where better than the bright lights and mean streets of a seedy district of Tokyo?  

Parasite Eve 2

Geoff unfortunately prefers the inferior sequel. Don’t blame him, Europe never got the original.

What better time than to experience one of the best ARPSH’s from the PSOne catalogue (by the way, that stands for Action Role Playing Survival Horror)? Load it up on your PSOne classic, or boot up an original disc and experience one of Squaresoft’s and Kenichi Iwao’s (Resident Evil) finest games on the system. Take control of Aya Brea and use a combination of fire power and psychic forces to investigate a paranormal event in a desert town.


A hunter must always leave the house in style.

One of the games of a generation, an absolute masterpiece of gameplay and and story telling. Those aren’t the words of an experienced journalist of reputable games media – those are my words! From Software games are intimidating, they’re time consuming and most of all, they require patience and concentration.  What do you have in abundance during quarantine? Time. What is the essential skill you need to have whilst in quarantine? Patience. That’s 2 out of 3 to make it through this game. Now all you need to do is concentrate and GIT GUD.

I believe in you all!


Who’s a good general pupper?

My picks for games to play while quarantined are, first, Wargroove, because it’s incredibly cheerful and one of the playable generals is a dog who is “a very good boy.”

The Banner Saga Trilogy

At that point, Alette realized she had left the stove on.

Next is The Banner Saga Trilogy, because the characters go through so much trauma, one can only feel better about their quarantine situation by comparison.


Of course Paul would like this game. Just look at this! It is indecipherable!

Lastly, Factorio on PC, because once you start, you’ll never want to leave the house anyway.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Ozzy running away from all the people reminding him of his 8 minute rant.

With our current inability to roam, those of us yearning to travel and be free have few options. But thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I can turn back the clock to a different time, the late 19th century, a time in which the old ways of life were steadily eroding and giving way to a more connected world, a world in which technology was outpacing our ability to cope with it, with governments steadily encroaching the frontier life and in which diphtheria, measles and tuberculosis could ravage entire towns, turning them into empty shells. On second thought, maybe things have not changed so much since then. Regardless, Red Dead Redemption 2 presents a wonderful opportunity to go out into the frontier, maybe do some fishing, hunt some bears, capture a few bounties and live life like we fantasize we were.


Never go on a hunt after taking shrooms…

As a deadly virus rages across the world, one starts thinking about getting one’s affairs in order, just in the off chance that things don’t go as planned. For me, getting my affairs in order means finally getting around to beating Bloodborne. This is, to me, one of the best games of this nascent, turbulent century, and remains one of my favorite games of all time. Which makes it really fucking embarrassing to admit that I have never beaten it. Nope, a motherfucker named Rom the Vacuous Spiders had other plans for me, and after running out of blood vials, I decided to take a break from the game. But as two years have worn on, I realize that I do not want my epitaph to read: “Ozzy Garcia: He who never conquered Bloodborne.” On top of that, I know Geoff will outlast me, and he will never stop reminding people that for whatever virtues I may have had, I never did beat Bloodborne. So yeah, I will make sure to finish this game, even if it is the last thing I do.

Streets of Rage 2

When life puts you through difficult times, there are fewer remedies better to ail your soul than the power of nostalgia. Our mind desires a return to normalcy, to innocence and simplicity. The mind also desires an outlet to release frustration, and video games present a prime opportunity to do that. Which is why Streets of Rage 2 is the type of game that my soul needs right now. It is like the chicken soup for my anxiety. No complex leveling up systems or elaborate storylines. Just pick up the controller, jam to the Yuzo Koshiro beats, punch some punks and don’t forget to “GO STRAIGHT –>”.

So, now that you have seen what are our quarantine games, let us know in the comments what are yours!

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